Burnsville Lake to Dredge at Boat Ramps

            The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will draw down Burnsville Lake two feet below normal winter pool beginning Feb. 9, 2012, to complete dredging and maintenance on the Riffle Run Boat Launch Ramp behind the dam.

            The work is expected to be completed by Feb. 17. Because of siltation, for the last two years it has not been possible to launch a boat while the lake was at winter pool elevation. Once the dredging is complete, the lake will be raised to its normal winter pool and the lake will be open for boat traffic.

            While work is underway the barricade at the top of the dam will be closed to limit traffic in the area and protect the public.

            For more information, contact the Huntington District Public Affairs office at 304-399-5353.

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