Huntington District approved as the USACE Dam Safety Modification Mandatory Center of Expertise

   The Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has been formally approved as the USACE Dam Safety Modification Mandatory Center of Expertise (DSMMCX).

    Operation Order 2011-14, signed by previous Chief of Engineers Lieutenant General Van Antwerp, calls for the establishment of Regional Dam Safety Production Centers (DSPC) throughout the Nation and a single Mandatory Center of Expertise to ensure that the expertise necessary to deliver dam safety modifications can be enhanced and sustained. 

   On Aug. 26, 2011, Major General Peabody responded by signing a memorandum to Headquarters (HQ) which identified the Huntington District as the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division’s (LRD) proposed Dam Safety Production Center.  A Project Delivery Team of agency senior engineers, advocated by the HQ Dam Safety Officer, recommended Huntington District as the DSMMCX – a recommendation that was unanimously concurred with by the National Management Board and the USACE Command Council.

    In determining the need for this change, USACE conducted competency evaluations and investment assessments associated with the need to improve dam safety modifications.  A total of four divisions submitted proposals to HQ requesting consideration as the DSMMCX.

   The USACE Dam Safety Modification Mandatory Center of Expertise will provide technical advice, oversight, review and production capability for all aspects of dam modification projects across USACE.  The DSMMCX will physically reside in the Huntington District offices.

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