Summersville Dam Boat Ramps Temporarily Closed

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has temporarily closed the winter boat ramps at Summersville Lake because the lake has been drawn down to a level that’s lower than the usual winter pool.

The lake has been lowered to allow for maintenance work. Once every 10 years the lake is drawn down an extra 55 feet below Winter Pool to allow Corps employees to access and inspect features of the dam.

As a result of this additional draw down to the lake, there will be no boat launching available until after the inspection work is complete and the lake is raised back its normal winter elevation.

In past inspections, intermittent boating access was allowed off the access road to the inspection site. However, a number of factors are impacting this year’s operations, including excessive siltation and the inspection site access road being too narrow to permit two-way traffic. Also, the temporary boat launching and turn-around site that would be used for this area does not meet current safety design standards for public use. All of these factors combine to bring about major safety concerns for visitors that do not permit the Corps to allow boat launching off the inspection site access road.

This temporary closure is expected to last up to a month and may also impact boat access for hunters during the deer gun season. Shoreline fishing is still available, although most areas are inaccessible due to muddy conditions left from the receding lake waters.

After the inspections are complete, and as rainfall permits, the lake will be raised back to its normal winter level. A notice will be sent out when the winter boat ramps are opened.

For more information contact the Public Affairs office at 304-399-5353.


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