Jobs at the Corps of Engineers: Looking for Lock and Dam Operators

   You can find more information about applying for the job at this link
   The applicant will serve as a Lock & Dam Operator with full onsite shift responsibility for the operation & security of a navigation structure. Insures that all operations during shift comply with laws, policies, rules & regulations. The structure is characterized by electrically and/or hydraulically controlled lock & dam gates & related equipment. Handles telephone & radio calls receiving & giving information to other locks & to boat crews. Guards against theft, trespass, & sabotage, and/or damage to government property. Provides information concerning facility operations, river conditions, etc., to the visiting public. Signals vessels desiring entry & directs their approach into the lock. Informs interested parties of operating conditions & procedures for locking. Assures that gates are properly mitered. Operates electrical-hydraulic controls for filling & emptying valves to raise & lower water level & ensures that turbulence created thereby will not cause damage to vessels or structure.

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