Boating Activity Stopped for Two More Weeks on Burnsville Lake

     The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will continue to keep Burnsville Lake closed to boating activity while repairs to a water line are completed. Recent rainfall has delayed work on the line. The repairs should be completed by the end of March 2011. 

      The line that supplies water to the Bulltown campground and residents in the Falls Mill Area was damaged by boaters several times in the past year.

      The Burnsville Public Utilities Board plans to float and repair the line, visually check it and then anchor the line to prevent future problems.

      It is necessary to close the lake to prevent further damage to the line during this process. Once the repairs are complete the lake will be opened to boat traffic.

      For additional information, please call Burnsville Lake at 304-853-2371 or the Public Affairs Office at 304-399-5353.

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