Tax Hike Sought for Waterways

   There’s a story in today’s Charleston Daily Mail (you can read it right here) that talks about a call to increase taxes on the navigation industry. The funds will be used to help pay for infrastructure along the nation’s rivers, such as the locks and dams operated by the Corps of Engineers.

   Here’s an excerpt from the story:

 The businesses that depend on the nation’s rivers to move coal and other commodities want to raise the tax they pay to help finance waterways projects.

You read that right. The Waterways Council Inc., which represents more than 250 waterways carriers, shippers, port authorities, shipping associations and waterways advocacy groups, wants the tax they pay on diesel fuel to increase by 30 percent to 45 percent, from the current 20 cents a gallon.

The tax goes into the Waterways Trust Fund and provides 50 percent of the money used for waterways transportation projects.

Charles Jones, president of Amherst Madison Inc., Charleston, said the existing tax raises about $100 million a year.

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